A white golden retriever is different

Golden Retrievers have always been recognized by its color. The first choice for a pet in the family, Golden Retriever, with its calm and composed behavior and intelligence beats all breeds in its category. A white golden retriever is different. The breed is popular in the United Sates of America however not as much as in England, Australia and Europe.


The golden retriever with its various shades ranging from red and gold, yellow to brown has been one among the choicest of breeds for a pet. There are however differences in the pedigree of the breed which are reared in US and in European countries. The major differences are subtle and can be noticed only by someone who cares to know the pet in such detail.


The one distinguishing feature is the eyes which are dark and round and the white golden retriever owing to be lighter in complexion makes the eyes look even darker. The normal golden retriever which is commonly seen has shiny skin and comes in a shade of gold. With longer muzzle and a delicate, triangular shaped head they can be easily recognized anywhere. Noticeably their tails are bent towards the end and are longer. Generally these are nearly 3 inches taller than the British golden retrievers.




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