Tips to stop puppies from biting

The idea of owing a puppy is really sweet but it comes with a price. Being an owner of a puppy is much more difficult than owing anything else. One has to care real good care, as if rearing a child. Proper care must be taken, by providing healthy food. The most important thing is to make sure they are trained properly. Especially when puppies bite, it is important to train them not to do so and make sure it doesn’t become a habit.


Here are a few tips to stop puppies from biting. They should be provided with chew toys which are specifically made for puppies to satisfy their biting instinct. Too much of biting may indicate a need for attention. This need must be fulfilled at some particular time of the day, so that the puppy knows it will be attended and thus will wait for that particular time and not seek attention at other times.


It is important to make sure that the puppy has stopped biting before leaving it free especially when there are children in the house. Every one in the house must make sure they discourage this behaviour of biting so as to stop puppies from biting.



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