Stop Dog biting by understanding dog psychology

Dog biting is a problem which many dog owners face .Be it the case of a newly purchased pup, a few days old or in the case of a matured older dog, the problem of dog biting persists. In order to control  stop dog biting and to find a solution to the same, it is necessary to understand the psychology of a puppy that starts biting and the way his mother trains him about the different nuances and after effects of biting.


We as human beings mix up with human psychology with dog psychology. What is to be understood is that dogs though very intelligent do not think or react like us. This has to be carefully taken into consideration while tackling the problem of dog biting.


Dogs unlike human beings do not have rationale or logic. They do not understand the consequence of their behavior. They only react to different situations.


For example the postman arrives and the sight of him makes the dog wild with crazy barking. The dog here is just reacting to a particular stimulus.


So when tackling dog biting, you have to handle a situation when you teach that biting is wrong .However he is allowed to chew and bite his toys. These are a few ways to understand and stop dog biting.

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