Training a dachshund could actually be fun!

Training a dachshund is not a one man task. Therefore, it is advisable for you to enrol your puppy in a discipline school where under the guidance of expert trainers, your dog is in better control. However, you should also make your dog obey your commands, because at the end of the day it is your pet and you have to look after it.


Maintain a patient attitude and do not get disheartened if your dog does not listen to you. Keep the spirit going on and make him obey you. Follow one teaching method and do not make it too difficult for your doggy to understand you. Use simple and preferably one word commands. And do not jump onto teaching a new command, unless you make sure it has learnt the previous one perfectly.


Make the training as interesting and fun filled as possible, as this way it is likely to learn more. The key to any training a dachshund is rewarding it. Never forget to reward your pet, once he performs the task successfully. After every training activity pat him on his back, take him for a walk or show him that he has been appreciated. This boosts its confidence and thereby tends to repeat the behaviour in future.


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