Aggressive dog behavior at punishment

Puppies are in development stage when they are 6 weeks old and most of them show aggressive behavior at this age. It requires training and socialization at this stage to ward off any inappropriate behavior like biting humans. This training should continue for a period of 14 weeks in order to socialize the dog with other dogs and human beings. During this period the owner should treat the puppy with love and gentleness in order to avoid aggressive dog behavior in future.


There are many types of aggression in dogs. One of them is punishment aggression. When the master yells at the dog, or shows a threatening finger or hits with a news paper, the dog retorts by barking, snarling or biting. This happens because of the owner’s ignorance to communicate with the dog and understand its behavior. Simple things like avoiding the dog from furniture also become big problems if he doesn’t know how to behave with the dog. Grabbing the dog by the jowls, holding him with the mouth closed, hitting him with a newspaper, showing a harsh finger – all these are abuses of behavior.


This kind of punishment doesn’t solve any problem but it increases aggressive dog behavior. If this continues the dog may not accept even the petting of his master.


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